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We put the ease in lease

Finally...a consumer financing program that puts you back in control

No one knows better than you how competitive the fight for consumer dollars has become.

You're working longer hours. Probably for less profit.

And, it seems like every time you turn around, there's some new "promise the moon" competitor starting up looking to cut into your sales revenue.

To win the battle for today's "I want it and I want it now" customer, you need every selling advantage you can lay your hands on.

Especially when it comes to helping them pay for it.

That's where Freeway Capital can help.

Our new consumer finance dealer financing program is easy to set up, offers competitive rates and is free to use.

Look at these additional benefits you get:

As part of the Freeway team, you can expect to be treated professionally.

But don't take our word for it.

"When I was trying to purchase the two highway tractors, the dealer was sluffing me off and not returning my calls. I was very frustrated that just because I was female I couldn't actually be serious about buying not one, but two trucks. John, you called on my behalf and after your call, they started taking me seriously. That meant more to me than you may have realized at the time. To you, it was your usual professional and honest approach. To me, it was a big deal. When we first contacted you, you didn't make any promises. You just told us you would do your best. You responded quickly and kept us up to date at all times. But what I really appreciate is that you don't forget about your clients. You are always there to answer questions and help us address issues. – Saria Milner, E. J. Logistics, Ottawa, ON

"Freeway Capital took the time to learn and understand our business. Not only do they have a superior level of knowledge and expertise, they also have a lot of patience. Especially when I didn't exactly know how to explain myself. John worked with me to make sure my needs were met. They saved me a lot of time by making things easier. I never felt I had to spend a lot of time shopping the market for my financing needs. I highly recommend them." - Shakeel Mohammad, Shakeel Transport Corp, Saskatoon, SK

To learn how you can become a member of our consumer lending program and begin to add an incremental income stream, call us TODAY at 1-866-247-1350.

Freeway Capital Leasing Limited

P.S. As a starting point, call us at 1-866-247-1350 to request our complimentary FREE REPORT, "3 Insider Secrets You Need To Know To Sell To Today's Internet-Savvy Consumer." Whether you decide to join our program or not, you'll learn how to sell more in this new economy.

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